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Body Clock

Here you can find out more about the world of Project Solanum, what the decline in the birth rate is all about and how people feel about their bodies.


A new era in personal hygiene and health has begun with body clocks. The small supercomputers, which are worn on the arm, use dozens of sensors to measure all relevant parameters of the body. Everything from bowel movements, menstrual cycles, water requirements and calorie balance is measured and transmitted. Despite the numerous advantages, the use of these devices was initially regarded as hypochondria. Superfluous, instructive, controlling. However, numerous large employers quickly began to require their employees to wear body clocks in order to ensure better health and a good working environment.

Market leader AVERY, which sells the original “body clocks”, got caught up in a serious scandal in 2054 when the New York Times revealed that the company was analyzing the collected data and selling it to the US government. Ostensibly to monitor the health of the population. However, numerous voices saw this as a dystopian tool to enforce the newly imposed regulations on abortion and reproduction.

Instead of dissolving the company, the US parliament agreed to Faber Unlimited buying up the rights with the promise of improving data security. In 2064, the scandal is forgotten and forgiven, and body clocks are being sold like cell phones used to be.

The people at Project Solanum believe that body clocks are a blessing.


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