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Concept Art

Concept art by our talented friend Konstantin Rosshoff

“We know what’s best” is the official slogan of Faber Unlimited… Their food products are omnipresent and if you add in the synthetic calories, you could be forgiven for thinking that Faber Unlimited feeds half the world. Their market power is so great that some believe they have a seat on the UN Security Council.”

“The sprouts are transferred to the hermetically sealed hydroponic facilities, fumigated and incubated with shimmering violet phytophotonic light to accelerate the growth of the plants tens of times over. Thanks to state-of-the-art incubation technology, the team can examine the results of their work in just a few days instead of several months. So they research day by day. Week after week. Variation after variation. Without success. And it gets worse. A violent storm front tears holes in one of the few intact greenhouses. The researchers have to repair the damage immediately, because until they have restored the hermetic protection, the plants are exposed to the inhospitable conditions outside.”

“With a deafening roar, an ancient-looking diesel locomotive pulls into the small station attached to the hub. A unit of armed mercenaries jumps out of the carriages and marches purposefully into the hub. They swiftly carry in a mysterious glass box. Hiwot, Alberto and Wout recognize a delicate perennial in this so-called Ward’s box. Could it be? Are they really in the presence of solanum lycopersicum? The last of its kind.”

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