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World / Origin Stories / Life in Switzerland in the year 2064
Published by / User / 30.01.2024
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Life in Switzerland in the year 2064

Here you can find out more about the world of Project Solanum, how civil society came to be on the brink of collapse and what changes politics, society and nature have undergone from today to 2064.


Human-induced global warming is also having a drastic impact on the climate in Switzerland. The increase in heat waves and droughts is changing the landscape and people’s lifestyles. Severe storms that sweep across the Central Plateau disable the local infrastructure and means of communication and increase the urgency to find alternative habitats.

Due to the increase in extreme weather events, many people have left the lower-lying midlands and moved to the higher regions of the mountains. This decision is both an adaptation strategy to changing climatic conditions and an attempt to escape the challenges of heat, drought and storms.

Settlements in the mountains offer certain advantages. The altitude ensures cooler temperatures and the mountains provide a natural barrier against storms. People in the mountain regions hope that these locations can offer them a better quality of life and greater security.

However, the relocation of the population to the mountains also poses challenges. The infrastructure must be adapted and expanded to meet the needs of the growing population. The supply of goods and services in remote areas is becoming increasingly difficult. There is also an ecological impact on the fragile mountain environment due to a lack of sustainable and responsible construction and management. Traditions and lifestyles may need to be adapted to meet the new realities.

In Project Solanum, people are leaving the cities and moving to the mountains.


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