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Schmid is one of the main protagonists in the movie. As a henchman of the seed multinational “Faber Unlimited”, he will only play a role a little later in the story. Find out more about him here.

“We know what’s best” is the official slogan of “Faber Unlimited” and Schmid (44) is not above repeating it at every suitable opportunity. After all, Faber Unlimited can back up such a statement. Their food and feed products are omnipresent and if you add in the synthetic calories, you could be forgiven for thinking that Faber Unlimited feeds half the world. Its market power is so great that some believe Faber Unlimited has a seat on the UN Security Council. In Schmid’s presence, he responds to the few voices calling for more justice and equal opportunities in the world with the same question: what could be fairer than giving everyone in the world a full plate? No, Schmid is aware of the responsibility of his position and he works hard for the success of Faber Unlimited. Is it not therefore justified that he should be paid handsomely for this?

Why are Schmid and Faber Unlimited interested in the remote “hub” of Hiwot, Alberto and Wout in the first place? What is the story behind Ward’s box, which his mercenaries bring with them? And what is Schmid up to with the lonely wanderer Lilith? These and other questions will be answered by Project Solanum.

Concept Art: Mixed Media (3D/Painting) by Konstantin Rosshoff

“With a deafening roar, an ancient-looking diesel locomotive pulls into the small station attached to the hub. A unit of armed mercenaries jumps out of the carriages and marches purposefully into the hub. They swiftly carry in a mysterious glass box. Hiwot, Alberto and Wout recognize a delicate perennial in this so-called Ward’s box. Could it be? Are they really in the presence of solanum lycopersicum? The last of its kind.

An initial brainstorming session on the figure of Schmid