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Short Synopsis

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Switzerland in the year 2064: climate change has turned the entire food supply upside down. Crop scientist HIWOT (31) is researching on the edge of civilization to save crops in order to prevent nothing less than world hunger. Despite her highly developed technological aids, the breakthrough does not come. When the lone wanderer LILITH (26) breaks into her research facility one night and destroys the sensitive technology, Hiwot is forced to continue her work using old-fashioned methods. However, she finally achieves the first tangible progress. This immediately arouses the interest of the giant food multinational Faber Unlimited, which sends the buttoned-up SCHMID (44) and a troop of armed mercenaries. Meanwhile, news reaches them that a large group of hikers is heading in their direction. Those present can only speculate as to their purpose. But one thing is clear: nothing happens in this world by chance.

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Concept Art: Mixed Media (3D/Painting) von Konstantin Rosshoff