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Here you can find out more about the world of Project Solanum, how civil society came to be on the brink of collapse and what changes politics, society and nature have undergone from today to 2064.


The Wanderers are a mysterious group of nomadic people in the new world order of the year 2064. Project Solanum tells us very little about them. There are many misunderstandings and prejudices. Lilith, one of our protagonists, was a wanderer herself. Find out more about her in her character description.

In Europe, the climate refugees who left their sedentary lives during YD acquired the name “wanderers”. After years of conflict, many millions of people were persuaded to settle in settlements and city limits. However, this also led to mixed feelings and different perspectives on their situation. Some of the “wanderers” decided to stay on the nomadic path, whether by personal choice or due to constraints. These groups continue to move through the regions, following a certain pattern that is clear and expected within a country or territory. They search for resources, water points and temporary settlements to secure their livelihoods.

In recent years, however, other groups have also formed among the “wanderers” who have decided to leave national borders behind and embark on a “Great Migration”. Inspired by the Wandervögel, who cover great distances every year, these groups decided to no longer be restricted by national borders. The idea behind the “Great Migration” was to free themselves from political and territorial boundaries and instead seek the freedom to use the available resources and habitats across national borders.

These groups strive to form a cross-border community that is self-sufficient and operates independently of national laws and restrictions. The “Great Migration” poses a challenge to the established order and triggers mixed reactions in the international community. Some countries are willing to support the migrants and provide some kind of international recognition and cooperation to facilitate their movements. Other states, however, see them as a threat to their sovereignty and security and seek to close their borders and stop the migrants.

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