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Wiki: Lilith, Mythology

In our search for historical or mythological references for our protagonists, we came across Lilith. According to Wikipedia, she is an “ancient oriental female demon of Sumerian origin” and is often used in stories as a scapegoat (or scapegoat sheep) or as a seductress. High time to rewrite this story. Help us write it at Project Solanum.

Wikipedia: “In Jewish feminist theology, Lilith is portrayed in the Midrash as a woman who resists not God’s but Adam’s rule and, unlike Eve, is resistant to the devil. She positively symbolizes the learned, strong woman. In another version, Lilith, as Adam’s first wife, persuaded God to reveal his holy name to her. The name gave her unlimited power. Lilith demanded wings from God and flew away.”

Find out more about her here on Wikipedia.

Lilith (1887) by John Collier
Lady Lilith by Dante Gabriel Rossetti(1866–1868, 1872–1873)
Mögliche Darstellung Liliths oder Ištars auf dem Burney-Relief